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cantoLX is a young professional vocal ensemble, based in Luxembourg. The main repertoire consists of baroque music, but also includes renaissance, contemporary and 19th century music.
cantoLX believes in a flexible geometry, going along with the increased historical knowledge and discussion on single or multiple singers per part. It is a basic statement of cantoLX to work from a kernel of 6 soloists, extending to 12 or 16 to form a chamber choir, and developing up to 40 professional singers to form a romantic oratorio choir. The same kernel of soloists guarantees the specific group sound that is present in all formations.

Started around the I.N.E.C.C., or l’institut européen de chant choral, singers from Luxembourg and ‘la Grande Région’ invited the Belgian conductor, composer and harpsichordist Frank Agsteribbe to be the first conductor of cantoLX. During its first season, cantoLX presented music by Dietrich Buxtehude, Carlo Gesualdo, Luca Marenzio, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Frantisek Tuma and Jan Dismas Zelenka, at various concert venues in Luxembourg.

In 2011, the young ensemble is invited to perform at prestigious international festivals such as the MA-Festival in Bruges and the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht. Furthermore, cantoLX gave its first appearance as oratorio choir with the Philharmonic orchestra of Luxembourg in Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem. Next to developing an international career, cantoLX seeks to have a prominent place in several Luxembourg concert organizations. Together with the CCRN at the Abbaye de Neumunster, in Luxembourg-Grund, cantoLX organizes the yearly festival ‘Semaine des Lamentations’.

cantoLX is programming collaborations with period and modern orchestras, as well as with specialized groups, and invites guest conductors to broaden its repertoire.

It is also one of the aims of cantoLX to help young Luxembourgish singers in finding their way as professionals, thus consolidating its position in Luxembourg.

... directed by Frank Agsteribbe

Frank Agsteribbe (*Ghent, 1968) is a Belgian conductor, harpsichordist and composer, searching for direct expression and colourful music making. He is working with renowned ensembles such as Collegium Vocale, Concerto Köln, La Petite Bande and Huelgas Ensemble.
Frank cofounded the young and dynamic Flemish baroque orchestra B’rock in 2005 and is currently principal conductor of the Luxembourg based cantoLX.

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