Huisman, Lukas

2018-07-11 20:18:00

Lukas Huisman (born 1987) studied with Daan Vandewalle at the Ghent Faculty of Music, where he graduated summa cum laude. He received the De Blonde-Torck prize as the most deserving student and attended master classes with Ian Pace (Ferneyhough, Finnissy), Jonathan Powell (Sorabji, Xenakis, Ferneyhough, Finnissy), Geoffrey Douglas Madge (Sorabji, Xenakis), Ciro Longobardi (Scriabin), Daniel Rivera (Busoni), and Carlo Mazzoli (Messiaen). From 2012 to 2016 he worked on an artistic doctoral project relating to contemporary complex solo piano music at the School of Arts Ghent/University Ghent.

Lukas mainly performs contemporary music, with particular attention to the little-known composer K. S. Sorabji. This brought him into contact with various performers of Sorabji’s work. He worked on several international projects, aimed at making the manuscripts of this little-performed composer more accessible. This already resulted in the publication of scores as 100 Transcendental Studies, 104 Frammenti Aforistici, Opus Secretum, 4 Frammenti Aforistici, and the Symphonic Nocturne. You will find more information on the site of The Sorabji Archive.

Lukas often plays creations of new music, like the two Piano Trios, the 12 Études for piano duo and the complete works for piano solo by Jeroen De Brauwer, chamber music by Hans Roels (BE and UK) and Susan Clynes, and some solo piano and chamber music pieces by Alfred Vorster (CH and SA). Together with Ivo Delaere he forms the Simplexity piano duo. He is the pianist of the Warped Time ensemble, plays keyboads and co-creates songs for Tempus Cucumis and, with Tine Allegaert, formed the Tinnitus piano duo. He took chamber music classes with Filip Rathé, Kris Deprey, and Patrick Beuckels. At the Orpheus Institute, he and Ivo Delaere are taking chamber music master classes about Brahms and Finnissy with Piet Kuijken, Piet Van Bockstal, Paul De Clerck and France Springuel.

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Lukas Huisman